Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Post

Inspired by someone I met recently, I've started up this blog in hopes of inspiring myself to enjoy being creative again.
I'll start by posting the latest piece I've worked on, "Starmonkey".
This started as a penciled doodle in my sketchbook, as most of my quick'n'easy pieces do. I liked the shapes created by his feet, the star and the line of his tail, so I scanned it in, cleaned the lines up a bit in Photoshop, then took it to Painter and just played for a couple of hours. The clouds in behind were so fun to paint; as usual they were my favourite part of the whole process.
By now I'm half afraid to paint clouds, just because it seems like a cop-out when they're just fun and no longer a challenge. Unlike perspective, which I should really practice more of since I suck at it so much. Even when I start a piece with great intentions to work on my grasp of inanimate objects and architectural detail, it will often get scrapped in favour of some floating island without a scrap of reality to it.
Ah well. Maybe blogging to remind myself of this shortcoming will help! One never knows.