Saturday, March 3, 2012

2 Years Old

My Bean boy turns 2 today. :-)
Happy Birthday Bean!
It doesn't seem possible that he used to look like a small, black potato with Dorito ears, but I have evidence...
The first photo I saw of him, when we thought we'd call him Chilibean
He had hardly any legs!
His first night home which is when we figured out he was a Bean.

That's changed a fair bit. Now he sometimes resembles a deer.
How can legs that skinny climb so much faster than I can??
To celebrate the momentous occasion Bean and I shared breakfast on a mountain. He is the best trail companion anyone could hope for and has exceeded all the hopes I had when I adopted him. He's kept me company, entertained and sane, turned me into a dog-person and reminded me what unconditional love is like.

Sure do love that dawg.