Friday, May 7, 2010

What a good day

Bean and I went for his first (but not last!) visit to Patti's studio and huge puppy fun was had by all! Patti's husband Tim Zurowski is an amazing wildlife photographer and he kindly offered to get some shots of His Bean-ness today. He needed all his skill to capture this puppy-blur! He just does not sit still unless he's comatose, and when he's comatose, he's snuggled next to someone. Not an ideal subject really, except that he's so damned cute!

What you can't see here are Patti and Tim's two standard poodles, Cody and Keiko, who are fantastic doggy hosts! Cody and Bean got along like a house a-fire and Bean was wooooorn out by the end of the day. He napped a couple of times in his kennel, so Patti and I got to art awhile too.We played with some awesome Japanese masking tape, from Pretty Tape and Happy Tape and pan pastels, mmmm.

I had a moment today where I was perfectly happy and finally felt that all the grief I've gone through up to now has been totally worth it. :)

Haven't had an awful lot of time to do any involved projects, but I've been doing a lot of doodling and painting of abstract backgrounds in my journals.

Here's a few of them.