Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello 2013

It doesn't feel like months since I've posted, but apparently they have slipped past me like calendar ninjas. 

I provide some elder care when needed for my grandparents and it's been very needed since the beginning of November. Had my own medical issue to deal with through December, and so since Christmas I've been hiding out in my little house being a hermit. Am apparently very good at hermit-ing! Wish it was a paid position, as I get lots of art done that way and can stay home with the dog. But enough of that, have a dump of winter photos and a few art bits.

Had a dusting of snow on the 21st, but that's been it so far. 

Bean at Devonian Beach Jan 2

Water colour on hemp paper

Morning at Glen Lake

Mt Baker Jan 1 2013 - my camera phone managed to catch it just barely

Winter salal

Happy Yule page in my hemp journal using a neat little laser cut piece from a local art supply store
Bean, the christmas cheese whore