Friday, May 22, 2009

Wings and Stars in Aqua Tones

Another very mixed media piece in my journal. My new art friend Rachelle reminded me recently of how much I used to love aqua colours. This piece flowed from that memory; thanks Rachelle!

The tag reads: "This page is dedicated to Rachelle & Sandra & Patti... my Art Friends."
Rachelle provided the inspiration, and Sandra and Patti's generosity is in there too.

Happy Weekend, all!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finally Something New

I do have more new stuff in my latest art journal, but haven't been sufficiently motivated to photograph it. Sadly my scanner and the art journal spreads don't work too well together! That's what I get for using both pages and not studying up on my photography. This piece is so mixed media... I started with a watercolour wash for the background, used some "Radiant Rain" to see what would happen (not much, really. you can sorta see it in the tree trunks but it's reeeeeally subtle), added some fun papers in there and used one of the textured ones dipped in sepia ink to make the kinda-burned looking patch. The critters were drawn on pages from a Taiwanese textbook I found at Value Village. Outlines with sepia ink and dipping pen and extra colour from my Prismacolor pencils.