Monday, December 29, 2008

An Oldie

This is an animated gif I did for someone... oh, 7 or 8 years ago now. I no longer remember the in-joke that spawned it, but I vividly remember it as the first time that one of my own creations made me snort milk out of my nose.

Animated Gif Attempt

Book: The First

Two pages from the third and fourth "chapter", and the inside back cover which isn't exactly done yet, but my muse hasn't told me what else to do with it yet.

Book: The First

Here's the front cover and some pages from the second "chapter".

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sadly, I have not had much time to myself lately. A lot of family obligations and weirdness, plus of course the holidays coming up.The one thing I'm making time for just to keep myself slightly sane is making a book with my good friend Patti!
I have always loved books, especially antique and esoteric looking volumes, and now thanks to Patti I can make my own and have them as wild and weird as I want.
We'll be stitching the "signatures" together this weekend and I'm really excited to see how it looks all properly bound! I'm especially pleased with my covers, even though they're not done yet. I can't scan them in because they're slightly too large for my scanner so I'll have to get photos of them later.
Here's a few pages that I've done a *bit* of work on.