Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I was playing over the weekend with fast sketches in Painter. I just picked a couple of colours at random and went with whatever came out the end of my pen.

Sometimes my subconscious worries me a little...

... but mostly it just keeps me entertained.

I really like having an obvious story to my drawings, but keeping the story itself completely open to the viewer's interpretation.

Normally in Painter I use the round camelhair brush with oils, but for all three of these I ended up trying some of the coloured pencil brushes. Pretty fun, actually!

On this piece in particular I did the red figure, the green sketchy side and the red sketchy side, but cheated in Photoshop with the green guy; he's really the red guy + Ctrl I and some fun with Free Transform.

I think I'm going to have to re-visit Jerome here at some point. I'm quite curious as to what his story is.

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Pattio said...

Hi Kelly,

I had to laugh at your guy that came apart in the middle. Your blog looks great, I am so honoured to have inspired you to do it. :)
Glad to see your Always Makin ART!

Cheers Pattio