Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A quick update

Had the worst birthday ever, last Monday, but some good news later in the week and getting myself two new paints made up for it! Art does wonders. ;)
The first piece is in my journal and is a mix of paper, acrylics, watercolour and ink with Esme The Vicious sitting there (maybe) temporarily. She might get a better background at some point. The second piece is in my small journal that I'm going to have to replace soon! It is on its last few pages. The background is built up paint and paper with leaf ribbon and even more paper on top. The chimera-type-dude was done on some japanese dictionary page. The third is an 8x10 canvas board with my two new acrylic paints and some cheesecloth and bubble wrap. I think I'll be putting a fish or two in there to finish it off at some point.

1 comment:

Pattio said...

Awe Man worst birthday ever! That sucks!!! I am glad for your good news though. Fantastic!
Esme cracks me up but I am loving the canvas with the bubble wrap and cheese cloth. I am going straight to my stash. Thanks for the inspiration!