Sunday, August 23, 2009

So not funny

I may have caught mono from my sister. *cue much rolling of eyes* Even if I haven't, I have caught something and I no longer have a voice. I'm also feverish and achey. Bleah! Bleah I say!
In spite of it, I am fairly happy... I've joined up at Illustrated ATCs and found a host of really talented folks on there. I'm in my first swap which was based on Colour Lovers palettes. My group was Braving the Brain and this set of four ATCs is what I was inspired to do.


Ricë said...

sorry to hear you're under the weather. hope the magazine reaches you soon to give you something to read. oh, wait: i'd better get it in the mail first, huh?

deb said...

I hope you don't have mono, and if you do, please take care of yourself, my oldest has had it twice this year and is still reeling!

Pattio said...

Oh bummer your not feeling well.

Love your ATC's and how they fit together like a puzzle. Very cool idea.

Healing hugs

marit said...

I've been away for a while - I had some catching up to do - I LOVE what I see!! Thanks for the inspiration!