Monday, November 29, 2010

Playin around

Another really inspiring and productive day out at Patti's studio, today. Plus I got the chance to try out her lightbox and got some shots out of my large hemp journal, which is spiral-bound and thus challenging to scan.
The first one is a background from that book that is ONLY background, but I love the colours and the textures that I got playing with palette knives. The lightbox set up really captured the blues and greens well, I think. I dusted off my Wacom tablet to draw the fish in Photoshop. I'll have to do that more, because I'd forgotten how much fun that is.

This one started out as pan pastels, which I then painted over with clear medium, collaged on some nice paper, added some washi tape around the edge and sketched the birds in white gel pen.

And this one is so mixed and from so long ago now that I don't remember all the steps. o_O


Dick Brannigan said...

all three are very neat looking....I really like the glowing effect on the fish

Pattio said...

The colours turned out so well! They all look so cool! Da not understand is very powerful. I keep coming back to look at these. :)


Roz said...

Merry Christmas kid, and I still love your art.


Janine said...

Love your journal!

jinxxxygirl said...

Read your post from Oct 28 and i so know what you mean. I can look at art that i've done a few years ago and i can see all the 'flaws'. i hate that. And it really messes with your self confidence because at the time i can remember being happy with it.

I'm just blog surfing and came across your blog. Lovely work! deb