Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Settling in

I have new space... it's just for arting. It's small, but filled with windows, surrounded by huge cedars and ancient rhodo bushes and it's mine. MIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNEEEEEE! Muahahah!
An in-progress shot.
Making art in there is wonderful, though I get the occasional furry lap-leech interruption. The kitties looooove all the windows and so I have to keep most of the sills clear or I'll just end up picking stuff off the floor all the time. My grandfather's desk fits in perfectly. My new house is vintage (and dinged up) 1947, so it matches all the 40's and 50's (also dinged up!)  furniture I have which I inherited along the way from my grandparents and their friends. 

In between all the work on the new place I've managed to get in to my new studio and make some shit.
The latest carved stamp: Urchin
I went hiking on the Barde Knockie again, went further than before and found The Milky Way which had an odd pumping station with fabulous graffiti.
Fabulous graffiti in the middle of nowhere.
And this is a phone photo from downtown. I love the cat-like pattern of this concrete wall and have since I was a kid.

Hoping that with things calming down I can get back to some regular blog posting. Paint-stained fingers crossed. :)

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Pattio said...

Great post. Love your magical window space. :)
Your urchin stamp looks great.