Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ms. A. Memory

Inspired yet again by my good friend Patti, I drew a face on a bit of german bible page and it just went from there. The base is a old book page that Patti gave me. As soon as she gave it to me, I knew I wanted to do something different with it! It's very different paper, and I just couldn't decide how I'd cut it up and integrate it. Thus, it never did get cut up at all and was instead stained with raw umber ink. You'd probably have to click on this and see it up close, but the paper texture is pretty neato. Thanks again, Patti! :D


Pattio said...

Oh This is SO COOL! I love her hair, her hat and her hands.
She looks very propa Ms Memry she does. :)


dervert said...

I love the colour of the old Bible paper.