Sunday, February 15, 2009

Short sketches and paste painting

Thursday night the kiddo and I went with friends to a poetry and spoken-word-art open mic night at a cafe downtown. I didn't really know what to expect, but we both enjoyed ourselves immensely, and I got to practice my fast sketching skills, which are reeeeeally rusty! Hey Patti and Barb, you would get a kick out of it! Solstice Cafe on Thursday nights.

Friday and Saturday I was laid up with a pinched nerve in my neck. There was no art or anything much other than laying down and taking pain meds. Today I felt so much better I managed to paint some in my journal. This started with modeling paste, and before it was dry I stuck torn up bits of paper towel that I'd used to mop up purple and blue paint a week or so ago into the paste and let it dry there.
I used acrylics over top and just played.


Pattio said...

Your sketching looks like a lot of fun and you are so good!
Your paper towel spread looks amazing. Sorry to hear of your pinched nerve. :(

You inspired me to work on a new journal cover using our paper. I am designing a new binding for this one.

dervert said...

Tongues of Fire!
A really good friend of mine, (who has since moved to The Sunshine Coast) used to host it. There is a lot of great talent in Victoria for Spoken Word. The first time I went I was also not sure what to expect, but ended up pleasantly surprised by the whole thing.