Friday, March 27, 2009

Cat-like-thing in tree-like-thing

This creature was inspired by a doodle from the sketching I did at the Vic Poetry Slam, oddly enough.
The media is so mixed that I can't quite recall all the steps I took with it. The original background that you can see peeping through the aurora strip was, if I remember correctly, a watercolour and chalk wash with chalk overtop and was done months ago. It sat in my book waiting for inspiration to strike. After the poetry slam, I knew I needed to draw the little creature, so I did and that sat for a couple of weeks. The bluey-purple nightsky and leaves are acrylic and I did that at Patti's place last weekend. The rest I did last night with my fave white pens and Prismacolor pencils. The photo sucks, unfortunately, but I can give the gist of it at least.


jgr said...

This is a cool piece! How interesting that all the elements came together like that. The close-up really shows the detail. I do like the cat-like creature and my favorite part is the curlY-que tail!


Pattio said...

Way Cool! I love this spread. It was so neat to be able to see it develope from the beginning. I like all the elements, the cat, the trees and the aurora are all very funky.