Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Senior Eftus

As is obvious, the Eftii have caught hold of my imagination and I had to work something up from the original "happy accident".

I had originally wanted to do this planned version on some smooth hot-press Arches paper, but finances being strangulation-kinda-tight at the moment, I made do with toothy cold-press. The plus side of this being that the background textures I got with the acylics are really yummy! The minus side being that I couldn't get the nice smooth application of the pencil crayons.

Also, I really hate scanning these pieces in... they get flattened and somehow the colours are never shown to their full advantage.

Anyways, once again it's an acrylic background with white gel pen and Prismacolor pencils (hey Rachelle, I highly recommend trying these pencils if you haven't already! They're so soft and waxy that you can apply them in lots of spots you couldn't use ordinary student-grade pencils).

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jgr said...

This line work is amazing! Thank you for sharing your technique, too. It is always helpful to hear how different supplies react with surfaces. I like the hot press paper too, it is wonderful to draw on!