Saturday, July 18, 2009

No title for you!

I had a gigantic blast with Seth's Buried Treasure hunt. I now have far too many new blogs to keep tabs on because there were so many talented folks taking part in this. Thanks again Seth, you art enabler!

Playing with ATC's yesterday was fun and relaxing when it was so very hot outside. I'm also showing a spread from my journal where I played with scrap paper and paint and a ballpoint pen. I don't think any of these are "done" just yet, but they are at a good stopping point for now.


mergatroid said...
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mergatroid said...

Anonova! I love these creatures! I think that first little guy has devious plans for Kitty!
And Hillman has a very kind demeanor like he'd be a good buddy to have.
sorry it's been so darn long since I commented on anything! I dunno whats up with me.


Pattio said...

Love the ATC's all your critters are so weird and wonderful! I think my favorite is Professor Snorq. Your journal spread make me think of Dr Who. Coolness!