Thursday, September 30, 2010

just goofin' around, that's all...

(I miss the old This Hour...)

Here's a couple that I painted in Patti's gorgeous leather-bound journal. The paper was yummy! I love the way it took the sepia watercolour and it didn't buckle at all under the acrylics. Smooth, hot-press watercolour paper is my favourite paper evar. I do try to broaden my horizons, but keep going back to it. :)

My thanks to Patti for the great photos!


deb said...

I really love these images, your work is so quirky and unique (and I mean both of those things in a positive way). You have such an individual style, and I dig it!!

Pattio said...

Lucky Me has this wonderful art in my journal! Thanks again Kell. It is so cool to browse through my book and happen upon it, rediscovering it all over again. :)

I know exactly what you mean about the hot-press watercolour paper. It is so versatile for so many media. It is a joy to have quality paper to art on.

Keep on arting


Janine said...

OMG! This is wonderful!