Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm calling it done...

... both the weekend and the landscape.
I think this is a partial success. I had wanted to try it as a "pure" watercolour, but I just didn't like it that way and before I knew it the pen was in my hand. Oh, and I know I'm supposed to leave a border... oops. Not that I was likely to frame this one anyway.
Inlet - mixed media

And a very happy birthday to my "little" brother... one of the only people who reads this. Hi Andrew. ;)
"Little" sister Kate came too, but she doesn't read this as far as I know, so I'll show her modeling the funny socks on her enormous feet. Hi Kate. :)
It's so unfair that they got the tall genes.

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Pattio said...

Oh but i love the pen work! It turned out so AWESOME!

Nice to see your enormous feet Kate. ;)

Happy Birthday Andrew. :)