Saturday, April 30, 2011

The usual Saturday fare

More arting and wandering. I am unbelievably lucky that this is my usual Saturday.
Dread pirate Sal - mixed media in my small Strathmore journal
Some photos from my hike today. Sharmon asked where I am that I get to hike in these amazingly beautiful spots... these are all parks from S. Vancouver Island. They are all within an hour's drive for me, most of them much less than that, actually. As I said, I'm really lucky. :)

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Sharmon Davidson said...

Wow, wow, wow- you are lucky indeed! My husband, who used to run towboats out of Seattle up to Alaska, told me it was gorgeous up there; he wasn't kidding! I hope you have an extra bed, as I'll be visiting this summer... :)

I very much enjoy Pirate Sal; looks like my kind of girl!