Sunday, May 15, 2011

My thoughts are elsewhere...

My thoughts are with Patti right now who's going through a tough time. I hate when people I care about are dealing with tough things and I can't do anything about it. So after our studio visit I kept my hands busy painting with gouache. I was inspired by Roz Stendahl who's leading the latest online workshop by Strathmore.
Jeannette - sketched with brush and ink, painted with gouache and finished with pencil crayons. Background is acrylic and some tissue scraps    .
And for something light, here are some more shots of Bean on the trail yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some more. It will have been two weeks since he tried to pierce his own tongue, so I might try that beach again. Just to see what it's like without the horror-filled climb back up!
Bean hates being posed for photos. So I do it to him a lot.
Oh all right, you can go.
Wait... waaaaaait...

Okay go!
Everyone send some good thoughts over Patti's way, she's in need of them.

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Pattio said...

Jeanette is beautiful!

And so it Witty's Lagoon. Love the paw print in the sand shot.