Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun with phones and Project Noah

I caved and got myself a smartphone... not for the phone part, but for the apps and the email. :) Yes, I'm very silly.

Anyway, one of the free Android apps is for Project Noah which is an online database documenting wildlife and biodiversity around the world using the photos uploaded by its members. It's way too fun, and Bean definitely does not approve, as it means even more stops to take photos. With my phone I can take the photo and automatically upload it to my PN page from wherever I am.

For instance this honeysuckle:
I now know its scientific name of lonicera ciliosa. I'm such a nerd. :)

Here are a few more shots I took with my new phone:


Pattio said...

Wow the quality of your new iPhone camera is quite amazing! And your app sounds cool.


Sharmon Davidson said...

DEFINITELY going to have to get this phone... that app is just way too cool!