Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend update

My thoughts go out to Patti whose lovely Keiko passed away. Keiko gave the most lady-like dog kisses ever. No slobber for that girl. She's greatly missed.

Working on my ancient desktop with alternate photo programs makes scanning tedious, but here's a bit from a new journal spread.A confused blue landscape. Acrylics and gel pen.

It's been a gorgeous weekend, weather-wise. I've managed two morning hikes and I'm hoping for a third tomorrow. Here are some shots from my hike today in Gowlland Tod on the Cascade and Timberman trails.


Pattio said...

I love your blue landscape as well as the intense green ones.

Thanks for your sweet comments. There was something extra special about my Keiko and we miss her so much.


heather noye said...

Your journal page is just lovely!! and your hikes look fantastic! Hope you got the 3rd hike in. you can never have enough hikes :)

deb said...

I love the blue and can really see the relationship between the hiking and the art which is wonderful. I am longing for some great weather so I can get a hike or two in too!

mergatroid said...

I really like the cool feeling of the blue, and it sounds like you had some awesome hikes!