Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Blanket-Stealing Butterfly

For Misty's challenge of an art gift.
This is from a photo of my supervisor's granddaughter and I'll be giving it to her next week. Hope she likes it!
Done with watercolours, pen and pencil crayons.


mergatroid said...

This is a beautiful piece, I'm sure she will fall over when she sees it! I was playing around with drawing a babies face this morning, but I got so frustrated ( I have so much more practise to do!)

Pattio said...

This is so enchanting, she is going to LOVE IT!

mistymawn said...

she will love it, how could she not, it's the sweetest!
what a perfect gift!
thanks so much for doing this challenge along with me!

Roz said...

What is not to like? That is a wonderful gift.