Thursday, January 22, 2009

Playing with (pencil) crayons

This week has metaphorically jumped me, beatn me up and stolen my lunch money. I am very, very ready for it to end!

Thankfully for my sanity things chilled out today and this evening I had time to join back in on Misty's challenge. Today was "draw with crayons"... but I found that I do not own actual wax crayons anymore! Woe is me. So I made do with pencil crayons.

Now I'm going to go play with greeny-blue paint to make myself feel better.

Anyone else have a comfort colour?


mergatroid said...

Awesome Apples Anonova! Nicely done. I bet those were great apples in your grandparents back yard (sigh).

Pattio said...

Your apples are beautiful make me want to take a bite.

And guess what kind of Apple tree I have in my back yard? That's right a Gravenstein!