Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bone White

This is my take on Misty's monochromatic colour challenge.
I waxed philosophical over this a bit (I blame it on Silk Road's Introspection ceylon tea!) noting to myself that I had to have the black for the white to show up so starkly. There's no light without the shadows.

I did this in my Book, smearing black gesso all over the pages first (which, by the way, stinks like the devil's own jock strap... seriously horrid), letting it dry and then drawing the bones with my favourite pencils of all time: the set of EVERY PRISMACOLOR EVER MADE that my always-fabulous mother-in-law gave me last year for Christmas.

Apparently there is also no photo-taking without kitties getting in the act. This time it's our huge alpha male, Wasabi. "MOM! MOM! PET ME NOW! RIGHT NOW!"

Ever notice how cats make philosophy look either totally pretentious or too deep for humans to understand?


mergatroid said...

Wowsers! Those are way cool bones. slightly creepy, but so detailed, and they look so ominous on the black gesso.

Pattio said...

Oh I think this is one of my favorite things youve done. It's so dramatic on the black background! Fab-u-lous!!!

lk moonwood said...

Beautiful bones!

Gee, I was looking forward to trying out the black gesso thing, but now that I know that "it smells like the devil's own jock strap..." Wow - what a great line!
;D lulu

blendedcolors said...

this is really nice! those bones look like you could reach out and touch them...

Heather, said...

very beautiful. love your description of the smell of black gesso ~ that got a giggle out of me.